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I have been curious about human condition since a very young age. I always felt that there was something more than just thoughts and words - pain and suffering often live in human body.

In 2017 I started studying somatic therapy in The Institute for Integrative Bodywork & Movement Therapy in London, UK, - and had closer look into my own inner body wisdom. Through Authentic Movement Discipline - practice led by a wonderful psychotherapist from Braunschweig, Germany - Cornelia Schmitz - -  I felt an even stronger inner impulse to dive into body and its awareness.

This practice helps me to be present with my own feelings and hold a safe space for my clients. I facilitate individual sessions for adults in Lithuanian, English and Spanish online or on-site in Verbier, Switzerland. My topics of interest are childhood traumas, relationships, love, psychosomatics and emigration.



  • Introduction to Gestalt Psychotherapy with Brigita Kaleckaite, Vilnius Lithuania  (

  • Margarit Landale ( Ist course on trauma and healing, Vilnius, Lithuania

  • ICF Certified Coaching Program, Baltic Coaching Centre, Vilnius,  Lithuania        

  • Bachelor of Communication and English Language, Roskilde, Denmark



Margaret Landale, Brighton, UK

Oleg Kovrikov, Vilnius, Lithuania

Cornelia Schmitz, Germany

Jane Okondo, UK

Brigita Kaleckaitė, Vilnius, Lithuania

Robertas Petronis, Vilnius, Lithuania


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The body is the invisible soul, and the soul is the invisible body. 

Let's work together to discover your body's wisdom to change you life.

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"Deimante’s kind and calm presence is laying a path to my own bodily unawareness or closed areas. She has an ear for everything and asks questions for your further exploration and while your head looks for answers she gently pulls your intention to your bigger instrument of answers - your body. I liked the playful exploration. She does not have scheme she follows. Her mirroring body signals or sensations back helped me to anchor that feeling or tension. Deimante has a tone and path inside of me and I let her because it feels as if I let a gentle honey breath inside that heals me by not doing the work for me but creating and environment that makes me hand myself over and discover. Nothing gets lost of her ability to feel and acknowledge through online coaching and a distance of 1.000 km."

— Danielle, Berlin, Germany


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